The best of Zurich in 24 hours

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Zurich often gets ignored by visitors who treat this charming city as a mere stopover point. It’s a shame that the capital of investment and style should be treated with such indifference, because Zurich is just as interesting as the rest of the country, full of history and interesting sights and cafes.

Here is how you can experience this city in your whistle-stop tour and get the most out of your visit, even if you are just passing through.

8am: Breakfast at Gran Cafe Motta
Shake off that jetlag with a cup of coffee at Gran Cafe Motta overlooking Limmat River. Take time out to enjoy a cup true Italian coffee in the well appointed cafe followed by an excellent breakfast. set out to explore the historic city centre.

(Tram No 4 from the main station.Get off at Rathaus)

9.30am: Explore the Old Town
The thing to do in Zurich is walk. The Old Town is easy to explore and all the landmarks are within minutes from each other. Visit the twin-towered Grossmünster Church and learn of the Affair of the Sausages that sparked the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland in 1522.

Walk through the Old Town’s cobblestone alleys towards Lindenhof. Make a quick dash to the Swiss National Museum and Museum of Art nearby.

1pm: Lunch at Haus Hiltl
Skip the traditional Swiss meal and go for a fully “vegetarian meal” at Haus Hiltl, a Guinness Record holder for being the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world. Indulge in some classic vegetarian dishes, feast on salads inspired by Swiss traditions mixed with spices from the far east.

2.30pm: Stroll along the Bahnhofstrasse
Explore the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s main shopping street packed with high-end brands. It is easily the most expensive and famous shopping streets in the world. If you are up for it, grab a designer wear (and get boasting rights for shopping here!) or stick to window shopping. Walk through Paradeplatz, the heart of business in Switzerland, which is noticeable because of the ubiquitous banks that line the square.

5.30pm: Take a boat ride on Limmat River
Go on a leisurely boat ride on the river and admire the city from water level – literally. Be sure to check out Muhlesteg Footbridge. This bridge, is famous for its array of love locks. Admire the beautiful views of the river and the boats. Walk up to the Opera House located beside Lake Zurich. In the evenings, this is the place the entire town converges. Watch swans glide over the blue waters of the lake.

Muhlesteg Footbridge

8.30pm: Get under the skin of Zurich’s Nightlife

Zurich is one of the more lively cities in Switzerland and admittedly it is still quite mellow compared to other places. But it’s also where you’ll find the highest concentration of clubs in the country and not to mention some innovative ways of having a drink.

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