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This Was A Man is the final installment in the Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffrey Archer. The suspense is finally broken and identities revealed – but who can you trust?

 Jeffrey Archer
Pages: 403 (Hardcover)

A word of warning for those who have jumped straight into this one – you might struggle to fully understand the characters. (Suggestion: Read up on the earlier Clifton series so you can thoroughly enjoy this one). But, don’t give up yet – Jeffrey Archer, in his own unique ways, manages to fill in the gaps of your mind, even if you have not read on the earlier books.

The books begins with a shot being fired in the woods. Someone is dead. Who? And more importantly, why?

Together Emma and Harry discover a hideous truth hidden in the double bottom of a ship…will it make any difference in their lives now?

Giles Barrington finally finds out the truth about his wife Karin. Is she innocent? Or is she a spy? How does he react to this news?

The Cliftons are invited to Buckingham Palace – Jessica sketches her grand dad’s moment with Her Majesty. Harry Clifton begins his magnum opus, while his wife Emma completes her ten years as Chairman of the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Sebastian Clifton becomes chairman of Farthings Kaufman bank, but only after Hakim Bishara has to resign for personal reasons. Jessica, Sebastian and Samantha’s daughter is expelled from the Slade School of Fine Art.

There is plenty of mystery and suspense in this concluding Clifton series to keep you on the edge. Towards the end, however you are left with a feeling of loss when the realization that there are no more Cliftons to look forward to, dawns on you.

Jeffrey Archer is easily one of the best writers today – spinning tales like no one can.

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