The White Masai | Corinne Hoffman

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The White Masai is a true story of author Corinne Hoffman. Set in the backdrop of the Masai village in Kenya, this book is dramatic and heart wrenching and explores love, a sense of loss and belonging in the heart of Africa.

The book was originally written in German and later translated into English. the white masai

Swiss girl Corinne is on a holiday in Mombassa, Kenya with her boyfriend where she sees a tall, dark Samburu warrior named Lketinga and falls in love with him. She eventually tracks the warrior down and the two get together and eventually  marry. Corrine and her husband live his mother in a small hut out in the African bush with no access to fresh water. Corinne sells everything she owns in Switzerland and starts a small business in Kenya. She has frequent bouts of life threatening malaria but refuses to leave.

Soon, a daughter is born to the couple.

However, her husband begins to get over possessive and sometimes abuse and eventually Corinne is forced to leave the country with her child. Years later she brings her daughter to meet her father in Kenya.

The White Masai is a love story with a cultural twist and full of adventure and determination.

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