Rare pictures of life in North Korea

By Anjaly Thomas

First things first – traveling to DPRK (North Korea as it is popularly known) is no laughing matter. It cannot be considered a pleasure trip – if anything, it can be classified as a “trip of curiosity” or, as some would prefer to call it, “a death wish”. Still, enthusiastic travellers brave many challenges and visit this Hermit Kingdom to satisfy their curiosity, aspiring to understand the contradictions at the cost of their lives and freedom.

I undertook one such trip in the year 2014. As an Indian woman (and hence belonging to low-threat category, I managed to gain entry. Our minders were constantly watching closely the American tourists on the trip, and I managed to grab a few pictures while escaping their eye!

Life seems ordinary, like every other place, but the fact that this “ordinary life” escapes the world’s attention is what makes it so interesting. No matter what the media portrays, there is an “everyday” face here too – regular people enjoying a moment off…

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  1. Very welcome and timely. The ‘ordinary face’ you have portrayed is charming and very human – sweet-faced people in a welfare stare that seems to care for them. No conspicuous consumption, but everything spic and span like the garden that pretty girl is so charmingly tending! “Demons” exist only for American Wae-mongers!

  2. This article is very interesting !!!

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