Book Reviews

Elixir | Sinjini Sengupta

Where does our mind go, when we fall asleep? Can dreams weave a layer of parallel existence? Can there be another reality beyond all that we touch, see or feel?

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The Sacred Sorrow of Sparrows | Siddharth Dasgupta

Dasgupta displays a brilliant shift of time and space; through dialogues and through memories that he patiently lists into his stories from time to time.

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The White Masai | Corinne Hoffman

Set in the backdrop of the Masai village in Kenya, this book is dramatic and heart wrenching and explores love, a sense of loss and belonging in the heart of Africa.

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This Was A Man | Jeffrey Archer

The Cliftons are invited to Buckingham Palace - Jessica sketches her grand dad's moment with Her Majesty.

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